Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dear Trial for the McCanns Petition Supporters,

Once again thank you for your signature and support. This year we have seen a lot of events regarding this unsolved case, yet none of those highly mediatised stunts have brought the investigation any closer to the truth for Child Madeleine. Despite all the attempts by New Scotland Yard to absolutely want the public to think that eventually, there would have been an abduction, which the McCanns themselves have also tried to drill into our heads for seven years, I see that this case is still not treated under normal standards, and some people do, definitely, want Justice to be avoided. I call this ABUSE.
So please keep reading about the case, get updated whenever there is new "info", join the facebook groups and the forums, watch those videos by Hideho and Richard Hall, to name only two excellent authors among so many others, read those blogs and those books, and, very importantly, the Police Files (PJ Files).
And please keep supporting this Petition, which, had it been posted or shared by any "celebrity", would now be signed by millions. But as I am no ''super hero celebrity'', all I can do is asking you to please share this link and promote it any way you can:
You may also start your own to ask for the same thing: normality, that is that Madeleine's parents would be tried for their deeds: leaving their young children alone to fend for themselves, loosing one as a consequence, lying to the media, insulting a Police Officer, refusing to comply to the Reconstruction of the scenes with the police and, let's call a cat a cat, not being very clear as to their "fund" and its use. I am sick and tired to have to say once again that had Maddy's parents been any couple without the connections and protection which those two have enjoyed, they would of course now be behind bars and with their other children taken into care.