Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Aren't The Twins Older In Donegal April 2007 Than They Were In May 2007!

Who Are The McCann's Kidding...
Not Us, That's for Sure!

Take a closer look at Sean and Amelie in Praia May 2007, they're still in the toddler stages of child development, still wearing nappies, still having to hold an adult's hand for stabillity, which lasted until at least February 2008. Yet looking at the photo of Sean and Amelie with Madeleine in the photo that was suposedly taken in Donegal April 2007, neither Sean or Amelie are in nappies, they're well past the toddler stage of child development, and are confident enough to stand and walk without a helping hand, which prove's that the photo of Madeleine in Donegal with Sean and Amelie was taken over a year AFTER April 2007!


  1. Excellent Post Ka! Yes I had always noticed this impossibility. And that's why the big cousin was pressing on amelie's hair on the Donegal pic to make her look smaller!! but STUPIDA!!!!

    Did you see the one also of Sean in Rothley in September wearing the same clothes (and looking the same) as on a pic with Maddy?!

    So what has been going on? If not a pasting, WHO was there? The second embryo that Kate mentioned in chapter 2 of her book but soon shushed about? Or Maddy herself?

    If the case whose forensics were found??? Or once again is it all a matrix style machination and all actors were playing the script that was written BEFORE 2007 = THE BOOK?!

  2. How many Maddies has there got to be out there ? Sounds as if Gerry and Kate work in a lab churning out embryos. Its all make believe abduction.

  3. Oh I see... the Donegal photo was obviously taken AFTER the McCann's trip to Praia, as the twins, Amelie and Sean, are quite taller in the Donegal photo than in the Praia photos taken in May 2007, which would make them at least almost 4 years of age when they went to Donegal with Madeleine. You can see many diffences between the Donegal photo and the Praia photo walking with Kate and aunt Philie, for instance; the twins sun kissed blonde hair is growing out in the Donegal photo, and they're also walking unaided, obviously because they're not wearing nappies anymore, which puts them well past the toddler stage of child development, whereas in the Praia photos, the twins either need a baby buggy, carried by an adult or being held by the hand of an adult, and also clearly wearing nappies, which puts them in the later stages of toddler walking. It's pretty obvious here that Madeleine was alive and kicking in Donegal in March 2008... dose the McCann's think we're all too stupid to see through their fake abduction fantesies, because if they do, they certainly need mental health treatment!

  4. i thought that but now i dont think its Madeleine

    1. what do you mean you don't think its Madeleine? Are you talking about the above photo where they are all sitting on the rocks??? if that's not Madeleine McCann i will go he.

  5. I haven't seen a one photo were KM is pregnan twith twins. Twin pregnancy is very hard to hide...


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